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Monday November 13th
8:30  Nena and Mike S vs Kazzie and Richard
8:30  Marcia and Bev vs Peg and Marilyn
8:30  Liz and Cindy Hergenhan vs Robyn and Sue K
9:45  Frank and Nancy vs John W and Molly E
11:30 Becky and Cheryl vs Shamaika and Sandy

Tuesday November 14th
8:30  Laurie and Marcia vs Stephanie and Jeanette
8:30  Brian and Margaret vs Paul and Pam
9:45  Mary S and Chris D vs Lisa and Amy Colville
9:45  Lyle and Cathy vs Teresa and Denise

Wednesday November 15th
8:30  Beth and Jaymi vs Peg and Kazzie
8:30  Tom and Gil vs Mike S and John W
9:45  Judy H and Cindie Hill vs Terri and Amy Convery
11:00 Kathryn and Lyle vs Josiane and Denise

Thursday November 16th
8:30  Sarah and Marcia vs Melissa and Martin
8:30  Carol and Margaret vs Joyce and Pam
9:45  Debby and Paul L vs Marilyn and Charles

Friday November 17th
8:30  Marie and Martin vs Gil and Carol
8:30  Marcia and Molly E vs John W and Ric
9:45  Paul L and Pam vs John S and Bev
9:45  Kathryn and Shelly and Linda S and Roberta
11:00 TBA and Sandy vs Shamaika and Hilary

Saturday November 18th
10:00  Laura and Shelly vs Anne and Christian

Sunday November 19th
11:00 Paul S and TBA vs Christian and Anne


Monday November 13th
7:00pm Vikram vs Evan

Tuesday November 14th
7:00pm Frank vs Mark S
7:00pm Jeremy vs Julian

Wednesday November 15th
7:15pm Makary vs Julian
8:00pm Bala vs Seth

Thursday November 16th
7:00pm Brian C vs Makary
7:30pm Lyle vs Brian R

Friday November 17th
7:00pm John P vs TBA

Saturday November 18th
No Matches

Sunday November 19th
11:00  Ken vs Jessi

Fall Doubles

Schedule 11/13-11/19



Schedule 11/13 -11/19